media management

Sock Media Library

Many of us collect media, not templates or plugins, that we use occasionally (or often) to enhance our post-production work. These are usually video clips, photos, graphics, or audio such as music or sound effects. I personally have collected a ton of this stuff over the years, and have recently started to go through it all and cull out what is no longer useful, such as standard definition video, lower quality media, etc.

Some examples of stock media would be MotionVFX’s mFlare or mFog, or background animations from VideoBlocks, or music clips and sound effects from AudioBlocks. Again, these are stand alone pieces of media, not Motion templates or plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

Thus, the issue comes up of how to organize and store them. I’ve seen a variety of ways to do this, but here is how I personally prefer to work. It’s easy, flexible and always available in any project I work with.