Media Management & Duplicate Keyword Collections

What happens when you need more than one copy of a keyword collection to live in two different locations in an Event? You can’t “duplicate” with the traditional tools. But it is possible.
Media Management & Duplicate Keyword Collections

One of the TV shows I’m producing currently (as of this writing) presented me with a bit of a quandary. First, let me outline my media management scheme.

I have Folders in my Browser. One for B-Roll, one for Interviews, one for Training Sessions, one for Show Staples (opening, closing, bumpers, logos, theme music, stuff that is used repeatedly in various places, stock media like stuff), etc.

In each of these folders, I have a Keyword Collection for each specific interview we taped, each specific training session, and so on.

In the Show Staples folder I divide that up into Keyword Collections such as Logos, Animated Logos, Opening Clips, Closing Clips, Bumper Clips, Projects, etc.

I also created a Folder called Episode Content. Here is where I create Keyword Collections titled Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and so on. All media, compounds, projects, everything to do with that specific episode only, is part of this Keyword Collection.

This way, I can access anything by a specific interview, training session, product review, bumper, etc. Very handy, and in FCPX it is super fast to create.

When importing, I select the Keyword Collection I want that specific media to belong to first, then import, it is automatically added to that Keyword Collection. Mega-fast in my personal opinion.

Then I move on to actually editing. I get the talking part of the interview down from about 15 minutes to the 5-8 minutes allotted in the show’s format. Now I need b-roll. Jump to the b-roll collection and add it all in. Simple, right? Well, mostly…

I find towards the end of the process that sometimes I end up needing to tweak the interview to fit the b-roll. Or my co-producer has me do changes. So during that polishing up stage of my editing I’m replacing interview clips with different clips, or adding in one spot while removing in another, and manipulatinging b-roll at the same time. I am jumping between two Keyword Collections, which are located in two different folders. The physical space on screen in the Libraries pane between the two forces me to scroll A LOT!

So, what I need is the b-roll Keyword Collection to live in two folders at the same time. But I can option-drag a Keyword Collection to duplicate it. I can’t command-D to duplicate it. So what do I do? There’s no Keyword column in list view (I work 80% of my time in Broswer’s List view) to sort by. I almost wish there was. Yep, I’ve filled out the feedback form asking for this, but not holding my breath.

Very simple solution!
In that Interviews folder, I create a new Keyword Collection, and name is EXACTLY the same name, letter for letter, upper case and lower case matching, as the original I want to duplicate. POOF! I have two copies of the exact same Keyword Collection in TWO different folders! MAGIC!

So, hope this helps someone somewhere. I’ve only started doing this, and hoping it doesn’t screw anything up. If it does, I’ll report back here with an update to this blog post. But so far so good.

Rock Those Edits!