High Sierra For Apple Pro App Users

Should You Upgrade? Not Now! But When?
Updated 5:15am, 10/18/17 CST

High Sierra will bring huge improvements and growth for the pro apps! But…

There’s a lot at stake here, and this is not an upgrade to be taken lightly do to the new APFS file system. In this blog post I will attempt to cover the bases and list as many apps and add-ons as I am able. This post will be evolving over the next month or two, so keep checking back! I will keep an updated time and date up there with the title so you know if I’ve added anything since you last visited.

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A very
MAJOR upgrade to macOS is HERE TODAY called High Sierra.
Technically this is macOS version
What will this mean for us in media production on Macs?

Do not update yet! Read on…

Known Issues With Pro Apps & High Sierra
I’m sure there’s more than this, and if you run in to an issue, let me know.
  • Secondary monitors can halt launch or crash pro app shortly after launch (workaround: disconnect, launch, reconnect)
  • GUI redraw issues (timeline lanes & inspector blocks disappear)
  • Poor performance
  • Can’t read off of some camera cards
  • FCPX stops recognizing Compressor is installed
  • LPX - Inspector windows for 3rd party plugins don’t open

Warning Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!
First, a word of caution; NEVER upgrade your OS right away. Especially High Sierra, because it is such a major upgrade. It changes the filesystem from HFS+ to APFS, ONLY IF you have an SSD as your system drive, which is a HUGE change in how things work. So do your homework, make sure everything in the ecosystem is settled before you upgrade. In fact, if you have a Fusion Drive or traditional spinning disk drive, forget it for now.

Here’s some basic steps you should take ASAP, then wait, and check back here often.

  1. Turn off automatic upgrade NOW! System Preferences > App Store, then basically EVERYTHING in that preference pane needs to be UNCHECKED.
  2. Backup your system drive and all external drives totally. The system drive needs to be backed up to a bootable copy. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to do this. Once updated to High Sierra an older version of a TimeMachine backup won’t boot with compatibility.
  3. Verify from the app developers that the apps and add-ons you use are High Sierra ready. Don’t take it on Internet hearsay (I’m getting my info directly from developers here).
  4. Review all of Apple’s documentation about upgrading to High Sierra.

All that said, High Sierra will bring huge improvements and growth for the pro apps!

WHEN You Upgrade, Read These Documents!
First, WAIT, do not upgrade right away! Go here and click on the “Updates / Upgrades” tab and read those no the left column. High Sierra specific articles will be linked there (and here) that are specific to the pro apps as soon as Apple publishes any.

Preparing Systems Small & Large
Here are some articles from Apple that discuss what changes will take place, and how to deal with them. Again, this list will evolve as Apple publishes more.

The Status Of Apple Pro Apps Themselves
I have been running the pro apps on a developer beta copy of High Sierra from the beginning. They seem to run fine for now, not all third party add-ons function properly, though. And I’d never say it was safe until I saw first hand what happens with the final public release. I’m also very confident that Apple will release updates to their pro apps very shortly after the High Sierra release to tweak them for stability. Not to mention many of us highly suspect major upgrades to the pro video apps during the Creative Summit in October.

Bottom line is, do NOT update to High Sierra right away! Wait until all your apps and add-ons have been verified by the developers to be compatible. Wait until we see in reliable articles and on the FCP.co forum that most of the bugs and kinks have been worked out. I will actually update this article for the final time when I feel it is generally safe for everyone to upgrade. But the final decision is up to you, and I hope you weigh things out first.

All that said, High Sierra will bring huge improvements and growth for the pro apps!

The Status Of Add-Ons As Per The Developers:
  • Legacy Apple Pro Apps (FCP7, Motion 4, Compressor 3, Logic Pro 9, QuickTime 7 Pro and earlier versions) will NOT be compatible, EVER.
  • Current Apple Pro Apps are compatible, see HT207888 here.
  • Coremelt released the following statement; "In earlier versions you may experience crashes when applying a small number of the effects. To apply this update you do not need to uninstall your plugins, just download and run the installer and it will update you to our latest version.  Please note that the Everything Bundle installer will update all plugins and during install you can select "custom install" and de select the products you have not purchased. More information is on our blog.”
  • Digital Rebellion posted on Twitter; macOS High Sierra is out today. Our products are compatible but it’s generally not a good idea to install a new OS on day one.”
  • FxFactory sent me the following statement; We expect to be ready for High Sierra by the time it is released.
  • MotionVFX sent me the following statement; We've tested our plugins on the beta version of the new system but we didn't encounter any major problems (aside from Motion/FCPX-based OSC being offset in some situations but that's a problem that has its source in the host app - we've already forwarded it to Apple). We always recommend waiting a while before updating your system… Usually about two to four weeks should be enough to make sure that Apple has released fixes for the most crucial issues/bugs but in this case, it might be a good idea to wait even a bit more and check whether or not the other users that have installed High Sierra are still encountering any problems.”
  • iMovie 10.1.7 update adds High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) support!
  • SpeedScriber 1.0.5 makes it now High Sierra compatible.
  • CrumplePop has not responded yet. I can’t find any public statement on their web site.
  • Edit Ready 2.1 is High Sierra Ready;Today we’re pleased to announce the release of EditReady 2.1. The release coincides with Apple’s release of macOS 10.13 High Sierra. When run on 10.13 High Sierra, EditReady 2.1 adds support for encode of HEVC (H.265) videos.“
  • iZotope states; Since OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) is a brand new operating system, iZotope software is currently being tested for compatibility with this OS. Although testing is ongoing, so far we have received no reports of issues from users or from our own Quality Assurance team.”
  • More to come…

Related Apps
  • Pixelmator 3.7 update makes it High Sierra ready!
  • Apogee released this statement; There are no Apogee software updates required for macOS High Sierra or iOS 11 compatible products if upgrading from macOS Sierra (10.12) or iOS 10.“
  • Telestream released ScreenFlow 7.1 which is officially High Sierra compatible.
  • Disk Warrior is High Sierra ready with very limited functionality. The next major release (version 6.0) will be able to rebuild APFS volumes, and is coming soon.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner isn’t ready yet, but they’re working on it, and their blog has very important information about High Sierra upgrades.
  • SuperDuper works with High Sierra HFS+ volumes, but not APFS volumes. They have a beta version that works with APFS volumes.
  • Because working with NTFS volumes are often needed, Paragon’s “NTFS For Mac 15” is High Sierra compatible.
  • A bit off topic, but because I use it, Rapidweaver just released a 7.5.1 that is High Sierra compatible.
  • More to come…

The list will evolve over time as I discover more. I’m contacting developers who don’t already have posts about macOS 10.13 High Sierra. So check back often! Again…
All that said, High Sierra will bring huge improvements and growth for the pro apps!

As of now, do not update right way!