Pro Apps Eduction Bundle - The Full Story…

Pro Apps Eduction Bundle
The Full Story…

So as of the day of this writing Apple announced a new educational pricing scheme that has been long overdue. If you’re a professional educator, or oversee the purchase and instillation of software, this scheme is a huge improvement over what we’ve had until now.

Let me start by saying I’ve helped set up two AATCe’s for colleges and one non-profit AATC in Louisiana. I know the process, I know how complicated it can be. What was released today is a huge improvement. I’m very happy to see this bit of progress in Apple’s sorely hurting “authorized training” program in relation to AATCe’s. So let me help you understand what the new educational purchasing process is.

Old Pro Apps Education Pricing
Before today, you had to purchase a volume license, basically just a part number. Wait. Get an email, which lets you then submit a ticket. Wait. Then get your redemption codes. Then have those codes translated into license codes for installation. Then the educational institution would need to install (or uninstall) over multiple Macs. Well, hope your IT admin wasn’t overly Mac ignorant or prejudice. It was time consuming, lots of money, slow to get implemented, freakin’ out-right confusion and ungodly frustrating. Not to mention it was as out-of-date as everyone else’s system was with this type of sale. Until now…

NEW Pro Apps Education Pricing
Today Apple announced something huge. I don’t know that anyone else offers this amazing level of educational pricing. So how does this work?

Teachers, staff and students can get the whole pro apps bundle: Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X, Main Stage all for $199.99 USD. Than’s One-hundred dollars cheaper than FCPX by itself! Or compared to it a subscription system that will cost you over three times that in very little time. The pro apps download is done through the App Store, even though you fill out an online form for the purchase at their Education web site.

Education institutions can visit Apple’s online store for Education Institutions and do a search for “pro apps” or “apps”.

Educational individuals should visit Apple’s online store for Education Individuals.

This is only available through the above linked educational sites, not through retailers or a Campus Store resale account. So if you’re not purchasing from the above links, you’re getting scammed. Will that change in the future? Who knows, one can hope.

As of this writing this is not available in the UK and other places. Apple has publicly stated this will change soon. I can guess once regulatory and exchange ducks are in a row.

How Does It Work?
Once a purchase is made via the above links, you’ll be asked for verification of your status as an teacher, student, school staff, or as an approved institution. Once that is done, the customer gets an email with 5 app redemption codes. Launch the App Store. The right column find the “Quick Links” heading, and click on “Redeem”.


There you’ll either use your Mac’s built-in camera or the manual entry field to put in each code.


Managed Distribution
Education Institutions who purchase this bundle code may exchange them for apps they can distribute via Managed Distribution. That requires the intuition is enrolled in the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Only unredeemed codes are valid. Once used as Managed Distribution, the codes can’t be changed from Managed Distribution.

The Managed Distribution system allows schools or businesses to buy through the volume purchase plan and get special versions of the apps that can be managed through a mobile device management server. Basically, add and remove apps on a whole bunch of desktop and laptop Macs, that are on their managed network, via a mobile device remotely. It’s a really great system for IT managers.
For information about the VPP follow this link.

Apple has traditionally had one of the best educational purchasing programs until a few short years ago. It seems they retooled and have once again shown how modern business and educational bulk purchases should be done. Amazing price, easy purchase system, a slick distribution method for whole networks of Macs. You simply can’t beat that. I’ll finish with this one statement; Don’t abuse this system! If you’re not an educator, school staff, or a real student, PLEASE do not try to scam this system. These pro apps are mega-powerful, absolutely pro-level apps, and their normal retail price is SUPER cheap. Let’s keep it honest, folks!
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