Template Libraries, W3+H

For those who do event videography (weddings and such) and those of us doing episodic broadcast series, Template Libraries can save time, solidify workflow, and make life easier in general. This blog post will look at what these are, who could benefit from them, how to create them, and when you would use them.

Updated with additional warning from Arctic Whitness!

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5 FCPX Import Window Tricks

Here are some tricks that may help you get through your Import Window tasks a little more easily and quickly. Read More…

How "Recent Items" Works

I have been asked several times lately about why Final Cut Pro X’s “Open Library” menu no longer lists the last several Libraries that were opened. That comes with the problem also of FCPX launching and asking what Library you want to open every single time. It is a simple issue to fix, and one all users should be aware of. Read More…

FCPX 10.3; Content vs Effects Browsers

If you’re working in Final Cut Pro X 10.3 now, you’ve noticed a change in what was once called “Media Browsers.” You know, Effects, Photos, Transitions, etc? Well, it now makes much more sense. But because we humans are creatures of habit, let me explain the change, to help you adapt quickly. I’m using my own terminology here, based on terms I heard Apple use loosely in their 2016 FCPX Creative Summit presentation. It is my personal explanation about the concept behind this important change.
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Media Management & Duplicate Keyword Collections

What happens when you need more than one copy of a keyword collection to live in two different locations in an Event? You can’t “duplicate” with the traditional tools. But it is possible. Read More…

Camera Card Workflow Tips

Camera Card Workflow Tips
Updated 4/29/16

Every time you stick a camera card into a card reader, the Photos app will auto-launch asking to import it. That can be a royal PITA, and Apple has not provided a way to turn that off. And each time that card gets erased, recorded to, and put back into the card reader, Photos thinks it is a brand new card it has never seen. Kirsten at started a thread on this subject, and it prompted me to post this entry.

Includes a link to the free app "
Camera Response Annoyance Prompt" which solves all of this easily! Read More…