Apple's Stance On Pro Users

So folks are STILL debating the professional status of Final Cut Pro X? OMG, please grow up…
Does Apple Care About Professionals?

Final Cut Pro X Is Professional, period.
At the 2016 FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino, CA. the product manager for Apple’s Pro Video team said, “You can repeat this, this is officially from Apple, from the horses Mouth, we at Apple are very much in support of professional users.” Later at the event when we all went to Apple’s HQ for a presentation by the Pro Video apps team, we were told that every one on that team is, or has been an editor at one time or another. And that Final Cut Pro X will be around for a very long time. Does Apple understand and care about professional users? Yes, done, moving on.

The New 2016 MBP Is Professional, period.
I’ve been reading a lot today about various self-proclaimed professionals being angry with Apple about the new 2016 MacBook Pro. I don’t understand their anger. I’ve played with FCPX on one (at the Summit) and it is an amazing machine. In fact, here’s TWO articles about real world use by professionals.
“One Professionals Look At The New MacBook Pro”
“Can We Put The 16GB ‘Pro’ Myth to Rest”

Production Facilities Are Using FCPX, period.
I run production at a TV station. We are 100% FCPX. The GM is producing his own reality show 100% on FCPX. A slew of Holywood films has been done with FCPX. Need more? Try this page.
Final Cut Pro X - In Action

Hell yes. Back to work…