Apple Global Training

Apple has very quietly switched from their old, self-run “Apple Worldwide Training” to the new “Apple Global Training” format. In this blog post I share what I’ve found out doing my own investigation of this very quiet transition Apple has put in place.
Apple Global Training

Apple has very quietly switched from their old, self-run “Apple Worldwide Training” to the new “Apple Global Training” format. Basically, Apple training for IT, pro app and productivity training is now totally handled by Learn Quest. This means a company who is a dedicated and experienced technical training provider is at the helm. My hopes are that they can revive classroom training and turn around a woefully lacking program that Apple let flap in the wind for way too long.

How I Found Out
I’ve not been contacted or officially informed by Apple about this change, so I’m just going by what I’ve read online and gathered from Learn Quest. I have contacted two other ACTs that I know, and neither were aware of Learn Quest. I just happened to click on the Apple training links currently on Apple’s site to verify information, on behalf of a potential corporate training client who was asking me to hook them up with an AATC, or to do custom training for them. The links on Apple’s site took me directly to Learn Quest. Imagine my SHOCK! You’d think for such a drastic change, Apple would have made an effort to keep us trainers in the loop. Especially those of us who’ve been with them for over a decade. But, historically they’ve been very bad at that. So perhaps Learn Quest will be better able to respond to us training in a more timely and responsible fashion.

As for the client who contacted me about training, with the lack of news or support on Apple’s behalf about this major shift in training, they got spooked that Apple had finally abandoned the professional market once and for all, and decided to use Adobe products and training instead. Thanks Apple. Anyway, here’s the issues I personally see that Learn Quest will have to solve now that they have taken over and run things, technically, logistically, and marketing. They have a huge re-branding and revitalization job ahead. It won’t be easy.

AATC & ACT Issues
Apple Authorized Training Centers (AATC) now switch to being Apple Training Providers (ATP). Not automatically, they have to register with Learn Quest.

Existing Apple Certified Trainers (ACT), and I personally am an Apple Certified Master Trainer, also have to register with Learn Quest and become an ATP trainer.

Anyone wishing to take Apple authorized technical training, or take a Pro User certification test must contact Learn Quest to schedule training and testing.

Anyone wishing to become an Apple certified trainer, whatever we’re called now, will contact Learn Quest and go through their system now. Nothing beyond this is known, from what I understand.

Testing Issues
So online testing allows folks to simply read from the book while testing, so that type of testing becomes a shame. That is a possible down side. I’ve not been able to find out if testing will be online or in an authorized testing center, which is the only way to ensure honest, quality testing of an individual’s true knowledge of an application.

Training Course Issues
A benefit to this, from what I’ve been able to decipher online, is that now Apple authorized training is not limited to taking place at an authorized training center, and isn’t limited to the canned 3-day, constricted format. There is now a potential for more flexibility and customization. I, as a trainer, did custom trainings a lot over the past decade plus, but when I did it that way, it was NOT Apple authorized. It was my own custom training. This could potentially allow for greater flexibility. Not to mention AFFORDABLE training. I honestly do not thing the $1,000+ price tag some companies are charging for FCPX training is fair. I personally find that a very overpriced course. See my previous blog post on the state of pro app training from May 2016.

Availability And Pricing Issues
Also, this is a company that handles training for all sorts of tech companies around the globe. Hopefully we will see the availability of Apple training in other countries become more prolific. The downside of this is that I feel Apple waited too long, and missed the boat. Classroom training is all but dead. Time was there were dozens of AATC’s all over the USA. Today it is barely a dozen, most in CA and TX. So anyone living outside of CA, NY or TX is squat out of luck. But you have Ripple Training, which offers great quality online courses. Bad side of that is, online will never replace he quality of educational experience, quantity of relevant industry and experiential knowledge that only a classroom training delivers. Maybe Learn Quest has some proven formula to revitalize classroom training. We will have to wait and see. Maybe Learn Quest will do online training. Then Ripple will have to seriously compete with them. A situation I’d rather not see happen.

Courseware Issues
The current FCPX and LPX training books are done phenomenally well. We may see Learn Quest dump those fantastic authors for their own internal courseware development personal. I hope they can match the current quality and clarity of today’s current training texts.

Relevancy Issues
The final issue, one that Apple found next to impossible to figure out, is keeping training up to date, with apps that update, often with new and enhanced features every few months. Perhaps Learn Quest has enough folks, who have enough experience, and have a workable solution to keep up. AND keep the material understandable, enjoyable, and at a good quality of educational experience.

Lots Of Questions Remain
When that has been achieved, how will they keep ACTs up to date? Will we have to rectify several times a year? That will be another hurdle I’m interested in seeing how Learn Quest handles. I really doubt Apple will make any public announcement, as would be the responsible, honest thing to do. Seems this is going to be quietly slipped in behind the curtain. A tactic that, IMHO, is doing Apple more harm than good these days.

So now we have Apple Global Training and Apple Training Providers. It is a new world for Apple’s training program. We will have to wait and see how it shapes up. 2017 will be an interesting year to watch how Apple authorized training evolves.