June 2018

System Performance Explained

Often I get ask by someone about system performance. “Hey man, I just got a new laptop, so why is it so slow?” Or “My Mac was so fast yesterday, I boot up today and it’s dragging!”

The short answer is that there is no short answer. We’re talking computers, not drink coasters. I can tell you why your drink coaster isn’t working, because it’s not made of an absorbent material. Your Mac on the other hand (and this goes for all computers, all operating systems, all applications) is a bit more complex.

In this blog post I’ll cover the three main factors in a computer running video and/or audio production software; System configuration concerns, hard drive concerns and third party software concerns. This basic information should help you evaluate an existing system, or a new one when making a purchase. Plus, I’ll give a regular
maintenance routine to avoid problems down the road, as well as links to troubleshooting resources for your system when you have issues.

*Hardware referenced in this article is based on June 2018 configurations offered on Apple Inc’s web site.