Is My LPX Project Corrupted?

I recently had a Logic Pro X project go corrupt... -ish. 3 months of work, and I was in a panic! It turned out to be a good-news / bad-news situation. I’m sharing my experience in this blog post because I know I can’t be the only one to have this happen. Let me preface this by saying, we all hit keyboard keys accidentally and things sometimes happen we don’t understand as a result. This, to me, is something app developers need to keep in mind. Auto-backups need to be reliable, as do multiple Undo commands! I will always use LPX, I love it, been with it since the eMagic days. But like any application, there are days I want to set a blow-torch to it…

Bad News - 1

After 3 months of intense work on a very special music project in Logic Pro X (macOS 10.13.4, LPX 10.4.1) I ran into a problem. I’d been working for about 2 hours this particular day on it, when suddenly, if I hit the space bar, or click the Play button, the playhead would jump to a specific spot in the timeline, and just wiggle. Crap, WTF?

I found I could hit the Return key, it’d jump to the start of the project and play, but half the instruments were now out of tune. CRAP, WTMF?

If I tried to bounce it, well, nothing, the playhead jumped to that same spot, wiggled, and the bounce failed. HOLY CRAP, WTMFF?

Bad News - 2

So I try to go to my backups, but found there’s only three. All from the day before, and all had the same playback issue. Why do Logic’s auto backups not work properly? Why are there only three from the day before? THIS never got solved, I’ve filled out the feedback page about this, hope Apple fixes Logic’s unreliable auto-backup feature. How can such and easy feature simply not work? I encourage everyone to complain about this!

Bad News - 3

After creating a new blank project, and starting to copy regions over, create a whole set of channel strip presets to keep the painstakingly tweaked MIDI instruments and acoustic/vocal processing architecture, something happened. Before I go there, let me say I zoom in and out of projects non-stop. I zoom in a LOT, I zoom out a LOT. But I was zoomed in on one spot trying to note some tricky timing between some complex regions. I accidentally hit my keyboard with the heels of both palms, and BANG! I was SUPER ZOOMED IN! Way, way more than I ever have zoomed in to a project in Logic before!

I was suddenly lost, and had no clue where I was in the composition, no clue what I was looking at, I was momentarily a bit dizzy, for real.

The Good News

Taking a moment to reorient myself, I noticed in the cycle ruler at the top of the timeline a very hair thin yellow line. What the hell? I’ve NEVER seen anything like that in the Logic interface. And I’m an Apple cert’d LPX trainer!

So I tried to zoom in more, but I was zoomed in as much as Logic will allow (see screen shot below). And still, this mysterious hair thin line. Then it dawned on me. That’s in the playback cycle range strip! That’s a yellow playback cycle range! And it is super hair thin, when ZOOMED IN ALL THE WAY!

I couldn’t click on it, but I was able to lasso it successfully. Hit the Delete key, it’s gone! I zoom back out to a normal, workable level, hit the space bar, PRESTO-CHANGO! Normal playback!

And before anyone asks, no, the Cycle button up top was NOT enabled at the time, either! Bug?


The Big Questions

Now, how is it possible for me to somehow, accidentally, create a playback range that is smaller than any duration LPX is actually able to show? That is dangerous, and shouldn’t be allowed. That is so small you’d never realistically see it. It was a play range of only 1000th of a tick. Really? Well, I’m living proof that can be a problem.

I still have no clue how I “accidentally” created a playback range that short. I can zoom in myself and try to create the smallest, shortest range I can, and I can’t duplicate it. I can make one a small fraction of 1000th of a tick, but I can’t make the hairline range I originally found, physically impossible to do on purpose. WTF? SERIOUSLY?

Why is this possible in the first place? What use is it to be able to create one this small? I know what problem it can create!

Also, how can I have this hairline cycle range, and the Cycle button be gray?

Bigger question, what the hell happened to my auto-backups, and why do they inherit a cycle range of the current version I had opened first?

Logic is fantastic, but there’s some really annoying bugs. Is Apple listening? I wasted four days of work trying to fix something that should never have happened in the first place! I’m not making nearly as much money on this project as I was supposed to, due to four days of trying to salvage what I thought was a corrupted project. WTF?

Rant over…