Ramping Up!

My kids going back to school, ramping up posting of content, it'll all be free, and here's why.

My kids go back in school Monday (as of the date of this post). That means I'll have time to get some video and written tutorials out. All freebies. So give me another week or so, and you'll see some awesome content coming.

To explain the behind-the-scenes of my efforts here; I have been an Apple Certified Master Trainer for over a decade. I've been paid to teach and consult for the U.S. military, federal and state governments, universities, churches, major corporations, individuals, broadcasters international and local, and more.

But alas, classroom technical training, and online video training are pretty much a dead industry now. No one is making huge bucks off of it any longer. Fortunately I have other pursuits that pay my bills, so no worries there.

Thus the training and resource materials I provide now come solely from my love of teaching and helping others, and because I find FCPX and Motion so much darned fun to use. This is my labor of love. I'm looking forward to posting lots of cool stuff between now and next summer.

Stay tuned, check back weekly, and thank each and every one of you so very much for liking my page, signing up for the newsletter, and visiting the web site.