NAB Show 2016 - What's New For FCPX Users

NAB Show 2016 & FCP Exchange
What's New For FCPX Users

I attended NAB Show 2016, mostly at the FCP Exchange event. FCP Exchange was two days of seminars and presentations showing FCPX workflows in professional motion picture films and broadcast workflows, along with a few new product release announcements and demonstrations.
NAB Show 2016 & FCP Exchange
What's New For FCPX Users

I attended NAB Show 2016, mostly at the FCP Exchange event. FCP Exchange was two days of seminars and presentations showing FCPX workflows in professional motion picture films and broadcast workflows, along with a few new product release announcements and demonstrations.

The first thing everyone asks me is about Apple's own presentation. I can't say much, as we all had to sign an NDA with Apple. There was footage from copyrighted work we can't talk about, and some FCPX tidbits we can't say anything about. I did have a brief chat with the FCPX product manger again, which was very reassuring and very enlightening. He'll be helping me gather some information on a future blog, which I think a lot of folks will be interested in. But all in all, what I can tell you is that the future of FCPX is amazing, and 2016 will be a fantastic year for FCPX users.

The biggest takeaway from that presentation, and the presentations about feature film and broadcast workflows, is that the majority of FCPX users do not know how much it actually does. I found many folks learning FCPX does things already, which many users site as a requested feature. Yes, much of which you may be wishing FCPX could do, it already does. I saw this revelation repeated many times over my three days at NAB Show 2016. Thus the reason this site has changed focus. I will be focusing on professional techniques and workflows. The intro level stuff I'll mostly refer out to other resources. The Final Cut Pro X community is in dire need of learning the true power and extent to what FCPX, Motion, and Compressor can really do.

The second biggest takeaway from my three days was how widespread and how quickly FCPX use in professional environments is growing. And an exploding need for FCPX experienced professional editors. I met many producers and post managers who had recently switched from Avid Media Composer, and a few from Adobe Premiere Pro, who had large projects coming up, and couldn't find enough experienced, professional FCPX editors to fill their needs. Another reason for the shift towards professional level usage on this site.

The workflow behind the film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was nothing short of amazing. The guys who edited Focus, took the FCPX feature film workflow to a whole new level. And they're going to continue expanding and evolving this groundbreaking workflow with their next film, too!

Charlie Austin, a really great and funny guy, who edits feature trailers, showed us how using FCPX can cut down on your time, timeline clutter, and make very complex editing jobs a breeze. He actually makes it FUN! He uses all three of the big "A" NLEs, but finds FCPX by far the most advanced and capable.

The presentations by Ripple Training and others were so worth while, and all geared towards professional broadcast and feature film workflows. Not YouTube vacation videos. If you plan to attend NAB Show 2017, be sure to check out
FCPX Exchange, and the other events they hold throughout the year.


The guys over at LumaForge have a new addition to their ShareStation family out, called Jellyfish out, that make shared, networked storage for small to medium post-production houses affordable, easy, and powerful. All using high speed Ethernet, and with a setup that is profoundly simple and fast. No need for a team of fibre channel engineers, just some Ethernet cable, and a few mouse clicks, DONE! It comes in three configurations: HD, Classroom, and 4K, and starts at $7,499 for 24 TB's of networked, shared storage. It is also available in 32 TB and 48 TB configurations. All optimized for FCPX, Adobe CC, Resolve, and VFX workflows. I have an IT background, and worked extensively with Final Cut Server. To me, this solution is nothing short of freaking amazing! And if you have larger needs, check out the Studio and Indie versions of ShareStation.
For more info click here.

KeyFlow Pro
I had a ball checking out this amazing little gem! Media asset management for the rest of us! If you're a small to medium size operation, this is something you need to check in to. And it just had a majorly huge update. On sale now for only $199 (regularly $299), and available in the App Store, this will even run on a MacBook if needed. It allows two or more editors to share libraries, and is optimized for Final Cut Pro X. The list of features is extensive, and is worth looking in to. Plus the FCPX Agent plugin makes working with it in FCPX "native"! Combined with the Jellyfish, you could have an amazing networked, shared asset management system, for very little investment, that offers you tons of power and flexibility.
For more info click here.

LUTx / TrackX / Slice X
Coremelt has a great new LUT utility out that was demo'ed, as were TrackX/SliceX and their use in the movie Whiskey Foxtrot Tango. LUTx is simply awesome, allowing you to select from a LUT gallery, with instant previews, use a custom LUT, and have some very nice advanced color controls along with your LUT. One of the best I've seen, I highly recommend trying it out. And with TrackX / SliceX, it was amazing to see how powerful and fast the editors of Whiskey Foxtrot Tango got preview effects done in FCPX before sending it to the VFX guys. Saved a ton of time, and some of what they did was actually used. There was no constant back and forth, just set up pretty much what you want, and your VFX guys get it right the first time.
For more info click here.

Color Finale Pro
Denver Riddle of Color Grading Central (.com) demo'ed a new version of the now famous Color Finale color grading plugin for FCPX. This is a very upgraded professional version. To be released in May we hope, and will be $149, with an upgrade of only $49 for existing Color Finale license holders.
Click here to see the current version of Color Finale. What gets added is support for Tangent color grading surfaces: Element, Wave, and the new Ripple being released soon. It also supports a deeper integration and communication with FCPX, so that keyboard shortcuts are supported. Things such as playback, undo, etc. "Groups" are a new feature, which let you save full grades as a type of preset, which can be applied to multiple clips at once. More detailed control over existing controls, a LUT gallery with quick previews, and more make Color Finale Pro a must-have for every professional FCPX user. I'm seriously wondering why I should not uninstall Resolve from my system now. I promised Denver I wouldn't say too much, as thing are changing and evolving between now and the public release. So I'll end it here, and strongly advise you to get on the mailing list, and grab this gem the minute it is released!
For more info click here.

xSEND Motion
Many of us have wanted to be able to take an FCPX timeline directly into Motion 5 for a long time. There are things Apple can do, and there are things third party developers can do better. And Apple knows the difference. Thus, Automatic Duck is planning to release a new product called xSEND, hopefully next month. Pricing to be announced upon release. It's sole purpose is to take your FCPX timeline into a Motion 5 project, with a variety of options that simply blew my mind. The way it can arrange the media from your timeline to Motion is amazing. As well as the way it preserves keyframes and effects. I promised Wes Plate I'd not spill too many details, as it is evolving between now and the public release, but I will say this is another must-have for all FCPX users who are also Motion users. Now the big question; if it gets my timeline into Motion 5 in really cool ways, what about taking it back to FCPX? Well, there are the traditional two ways, just like from the Final Cut Studio days, as this point in time. Again, things may change between now and the public release. You can save it as a template to access via the media browser in FCPX, or export as a QuickTime video file for import into FCPX. Let me tell you right now, the ways in which I saw it bring timelines from FCPX into Motion 5, FAR surpass anything we had available in the old Final Cut Studio days! This is the old round-trip, but WAY BETTER! Trust me! I strongly advise subscribing to the Automatic Duck mailing list, and checking out the preliminary demo video on their site.
For more info click here.

Dashwood 360VR Toolbox
Yes, you an do native 360 VR editing right inside of Final Cut Pro X with the Dashwood plugin. And it has been around for a few awhile now, too! Using an Oculus Rift you can edit 360 degree virtual reality video natively in an FCPX timeline. You can also edit in a 2D timeline without the Oculus Rift. Plus other headsets will be compatible over time. It will let you do everything necessary for this type of work, including inserting graphics, text, and in 3D. And FxFactory has a demo video on their web site, check it out. 360VR was all the rage at NAB Show 2016, and if this is the direction you want to go in, you need to get the Dashwood 360VR Toolbox!
For more info click here.

LumberJack System
This amazing metadata and media organization system has added "Magic Keywords", which does phonetic searches and helps you add lines from a script to the Notes field in FCPX, which correspond to ranges, keyword with tags that identify script line numbers. It is nothing short of magical. I'm a newbie to LumberJack, so I suggest checking out their website. And I will say that I'm working post on a new reality TV series, and so wish my producer would incorporate LumberJack System into the production workflow! What time that would save us in post!
For more info click here.

I also spent a lot of time with the Drone vendors, a huge interest of mine. That market is exploding exponentially. I'd say it is growing faster and stronger than any other trend in media production in the past decade. I just hope the FAA can keep up!

I had a nice visit with Larry Jordan, Philip Hogetts, they guys at
EX FX, and other long time associates. All great guys. There was just so much, I can't cover it all. So I'm just keeping this short, and focused on FCPX. Can't wait to see what the rest of 2016 will bring us Apple pro app users, and FCP Exchange at NAB Show 2017!