FCPX Audio Mixing Panel - Idea

FCPX Audio Mixing Panel - Idea

I was wondering how an audio mixing/mastering panel would look inside of FCPX. Here I present an idea, and Apple's original patent way back when about this same issue.
FCPX Audio Mixing Panel - Idea


I was wondering how an audio mixing/mastering panel would look inside of FCPX. Add an "Edit Mode" button, to the right of the Edit Tool menu button, which would toggle between Video Edit Mode (existing Timeline layout) and Audio Mixing Mode (Logic Pro X track layout). Tracks could be color coded and grouped according to Rolls, but allow you to rearrange and change colors/labels, of course. Not all of Logic's functions, just basic mixing/mastering stuff: volume, pan, automation, plugin inserts, output assignments. That'd be nice to have. Above is my very rough Pixelmator'ed mock up of what it may look something like. But as a friend pointed out, it could mess with your head, visually. Seeing FCPX and LPX mixed up, if you’re too familiar with both, it makes you feel like some time back in college and some recreational drug experiment, and you don’t want to remember it ever again. But I think it'd be a great idea, and very easy to incorporate, seeing as the current scheme is crap. Let me clarify that statement…

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 3.42.34 PM

A more reasonable and easier solution would be to make the FCPXML round-trip between Final Cut and Logic actually WORK properly. Apple makes both products, has the function inside each app, but alas it falls apart and is of no use for serious audio work. Too much is lost, too much gets mixed up, it is a disaster, and has been for a year now. Why can't the mighty Apple get something like this to work properly? Ugh…

Just ideas, popped into my head, that's all. If you think any of this is a good idea, tell Apple via the
feedback page. The more folks who request something, the better the chances are we'll see it sooner, rather than later, or at all.

Waiting On Apple

Below are the images (public information) from patents Apple filed for a mixer and meters in FCPX some time back. Hope we see them soon!

FCPX Mixers

FCPX Meters