High Sierra For Apple Pro App Users

Should You Upgrade? (updated for newly released pro app versions)
Updated 9:43pm, 12/14/17 CST

High Sierra brings huge improvements and growth for the pro apps!

There’s a lot at stake here, and this is not an upgrade to be taken lightly do to the new APFS file system. In this blog post I will attempt to cover the basics and give resources to read before upgrading.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.49.59 AM

A very
MAJOR upgrade to macOS is HERE TODAY called High Sierra.
Technically this is macOS version 10.13.0.
What will this mean for us in media production on Macs?

Final Cut Pro X 10.4, along with updates to Motion, Compressor and Logic Pro X were released on Thursday, December 14, 2017. These make all of Apple’s pro apps fully compatible and safe to use with High Sierra.

Before Updating Your Operating System
A word of caution; NEVER upgrade your OS right away. Especially High Sierra, because it is such a major upgrade. It changes the filesystem from HFS+ to APFS, ONLY IF you have an SSD as your system drive, which is a HUGE change in how things work. So do your homework, make sure everything in the ecosystem is settled before you upgrade. In fact, if you have a Fusion Drive or traditional spinning disk drive, forget it for now.

Here’s some basic steps you should take ASAP, then wait, and check back here often.

  1. 1 Backup your system drive and all external drives totally. The system drive needs to be backed up to a bootable copy. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to do this. Once updated to High Sierra an older version of a TimeMachine backup won’t boot with compatibility.

All that said, High Sierra will bring huge improvements and growth for the pro apps!

Preparing Systems Small & Large
Here are some articles from Apple that discuss what changes will take place, and how to deal with them. Again, this list will evolve as Apple publishes more.

As of the 12/14/2017 updates to Apple’s pro apps it seem all clear to upgrade to macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Just back up everything first, then update your apps, then update to HS. And then “rock those edits”!