NAB Show 2016 - What's New For FCPX Users

NAB Show 2016 & FCP Exchange
What's New For FCPX Users

I attended NAB Show 2016, mostly at the FCP Exchange event. FCP Exchange was two days of seminars and presentations showing FCPX workflows in professional motion picture films and broadcast workflows, along with a few new product release announcements and demonstrations.
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LUTx by Coremelt Kills!

LUTx from Coremelt Kills!

Yesterday Coremelt released a product I am absolutely excited to tell you all about. It is called LUTx and as the name suggests, it is a LUT utility. Quite different from others on the market because it is super useful, super easy and super affordable. I know, some others are free, but they don't come close to the utility that LUTx offers you, trust me! Read More…