September 2015

MotionVFX - mCinegraph

MotionVFX Releases mCinegraph
Until now you had to export a clip from your NLE, take it into something like Photoshop or Smoke or Motion, mask out the moving parts, use duplicated layers, animate masks, etc. Then take that resulting clip back into your NLE and edit it into your production. Now, MotionVFX makes that super easy to do directly inside of Final Cut Pro X / Motion 5. Read More…

Coremelt - DriveX

Coremelt Releases DriveX
Coremelt has added a new member of the Mocha based "X" family of plugins. Along with TrackX and SliceX, we now have DriveX. Why do we need a DriveX? Glad you asked. In this blog entry, I'll explain it all to you, and how this will boost possibilities for FCPX templates. Read More…