FCP Audio Changes How Editors Score

Normally when adding a music bed to an edit, we select a set music file (which can be a royal PITA by itself), add it, and most of the time we have to: Cut it short from the head or tail, or cut the middle out, find edit points that matches, use a cross fade to disguise the cut, or simply keep looking for something that actually works.

It’s such a pain sometimes, isn’t it? Well, a new company called
FCP Audio has changed all of that. In this interview you’ll learn how scoring music to your edits is now easier, open to many more possibilities, very flexible, and affordable.

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Who Is FCP Audio And What Are Sound Stacks?
This is a very exciting product for me, especially because I take great care when it comes to placing music to my video edits. I’m a composer, so this is of particular interest to me. I hope this interview helps you understand who they folks are, and what the amazing product is that they are selling.

I’m also honored to work with them as a beta tester and an associate. If you would like to help support the efforts of this web site, visit FCP Audio
via this link. Then get a 20 percent discount by using the code GURU20.

Sound Stack Tutorials
I will be posting over the next few weeks a tutorial or two on not only how to use these, but also how to manipulate them quickly to fit any editing need. Watch my
Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates.

There are also tutorials from FCP Audio themselves.


The Interview

So here’s the interview with
Michael Dow, Co-Founder, and I hope it clears up what this is all about, and opens some great new avenues of creativity for you.

Who are the faces behind FCP Audio?

Although I was the inspiration behind FCP Audio, it comprises of a growing team of industry professionals. We have in house producers, engineers and writers along with a tech team and web department. We all maintain a shared vision and are always looking to the future with new ideas and innovations. We try to run our business in a democratic way whereby everyones say counts. In the same way two brains are better than one, twenty brains are better than two. We hope to continue to provide the film makers of the world with new and powerful music creation tools.  

What is the product that you offer?  How is it unique?

At present our product library is entirely built from ‘SoundStacks’. A ’SoundStack’ contains three customizable tracks which install neatly into the FCPX interface. Each track also comes with a visual click track for seamless editing of footage to the beat. Unlike other music available online, you can build your track to be any length, with as many or few musical elements as you see fit. 

Over the next few months we will be starting to offer SFX and our first new ’SoundScore’. IMPERIUM landed this week. These will be far more advanced and more geared towards film makers who want to create underscores but be able to maintain a theme throughout a film.

What gave y'all the idea for FCPAudio?  How did it start?

As a previous film and media student myself, I quickly realized the limitations when attempting to access music during my creative learning process. Due to my lack of resources as a student, I was frequently tormented with the same questions: How can I create my own music without spending months learning production? Where can I find music that fits the video I am working on? 

Life can be funny sometimes, and although it ended up taking me in a completely different direction, I still ended up coming full circle in the end. I became owner/director of a construction company in the UK. This in turn allowed me to generate the cashflow required to reunite with my passion. I built a recording studio and video editing suite and over the years built up a large community of local and national talent. I worked closely with one producer who shared my passion and shared with him my vision of a Royalty Free Customizable Music platform - FCP Audio was born. From this point the idea has continued to develop and grow, and with the help of our great, expanding team, we hope to continue to move forward and expand to be a household name within the FCPX community. 

How are your musical compositions created, where do the ideas come from?
Our team draw a lot of inspiration from music, film and tv. We have a backlog of really great music to get through. Our main studio HQ is teaming with musical instruments and hardware. We must have over 30 guitars now, some of the finest around. We also have an analogue synth lab containing a Prophet 08, Korg Minilogue, Behringer Model D and Moog Little Phatty to name a few. Most of the writing is done using Logic Pro X but all post is carried out within Studio One using a balanced mix of hardware and software - UAD, SPL, Fab Filter and Waves. It took a long time to perfect our formula. But these two DAWS used in conjunction seemed to be the best combination.

How have FCP users been responding to your “SoundStacks" concept?

We recently put out a survey to all of our current customers and received 100% positive feedback. We have found that everyone who takes the time to try the product out loves it! Our sales and site traffic seem to be increasing month by month and a high percentage of our sales are return custom. We are only really restricted by the speed we can produce more music. It is rare nowadays to find an online music library which produces all of their content in house. We are however, building a large network of local musicians and vocalists. The procedure for building a ’SoundStack’ is very complex, so it is much more difficult for us to work with producers/writers overseas but we have received some great submissions.  

Do you find some genres more popular than others, or do they all sell pretty much the same?

As with most online libraries, our uplifting and inspirational music does well, but our cinematic packs are our best sellers. That said, our producers all seem to prefer creating music which is a little more out of the box. We currently have, Jazz, 70’s Prog Rock, Funk, Left-Field Electronic, Cuban, Vocal Pop and Blues underway. We pride ourselves in offering genres and styles which other libraries do not offer. That said, we still feel it is necessary to offer the standard music as well to cover all bases. 

What are your plans for future products and development?

We are currently in the process of developing our new ‘SoundScores’. They do hold some similarity to the ’SoundStacks’ but are far more complex. They come with a lot more flexibility and a vast number of different loops which can be used to assemble cinematic style underscores. We have also just finished building a Foley recording lab so there will be many SFX appearing on the site in the not so distant future. 

We are also investigating the possibility of doing a series of locational packs. Our team will travel to various countries and record sounds on site, collaborate with local musicians and produce authentic music to represent each region we visit. This may not be for a while with all of the other projects we have underway but is a great concept and we are looking forward to getting the wheels in motion.   

What else would you like the audience to know about that I may not have covered?

I think it is important for readers to understand that FCP Audio was built by users of FCPX with the user in mind. As film makers we recognize the restrictions with the music available online, the confusing licensing options most other libraries have, paying more depending on where the final version will end up, and so on.  We wanted to provide an affordable solution with no need for subscriptions, without the worries of where your creation will end up being viewed. Every month we have new ideas for the future development of the business and hope to grow and continue to help the FCPX community in many new and innovative ways.  

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