FCPX Freebies!

Final Cut Pro X has about the largest ecosystem of any NLE. You’ll find more plugins, templates and other material for it at lower prices than any other. Not to mention the largest assortment of FREE stuff. And we all love FREE stuff! So this blog post will list where you can find a lot of this free stuff. If I’ve left something out, please contact me so I can update this blog post.


Now to the meat and potatoes of the subject, where go get lots and lots of FREE stuff for FCPX! Here’s the list, just click on each title to go to that page (in a new window). These are vendors I’ve actually worked with or used their products and trust them for quality and tech support.

Coremelt Freebies

Alex4D Freebies

Industrial Revolution Freebies

Motion Master Templates Freebies

FxFactory (look for green “Free” buttons)

Ripple Training (lower half of page)

Connor Productions Freebies

Stupid Raisins Freebies

CrumplePop Freebies

FCP.co Free Template Forum

*This one isn’t for freebies, but they’er so cheap, and great quality, I wanted to included it.
VFX Market