OS X 10.11.1 Bug Fix Update - We Have Arrived!

OS X 10.11 Update - We Have Arrived!
Last updated 1/13/2016 - 6:50am CST

OS X 10.11 Update - We Have Arrived!
Last updated 1/13/2016 - 6:50am CST


OFFICIAL UPDATES - see bottom of this blog post!

General Known Issues
  • Some folks are seeing a line through the timecode numbers in the Dashboard, and/or the words under those lines not showing up. Cosmetic, minor, won't stop anything from working.
  • 2nd generation Magic Trackpad has click & drag issues.

Before You Upgrade…
Never upgrade in the middle of an important and/or paying project. The only exception being if it is a long term project, and the update offers new functions that may help your production along. In which case, move to number 2 below, before upgrading.
  • Do a full system backup, do a full media/Library backup, back up everything first. Be able to restore if things don't work out well enough.
  • Never upgrade until you have verified all of your apps and plugins are updated to match, and reported to run well.
  • Keep backups of all your data: project files, libraries, media, etc, separate from the copies your apps will need to update in order to work with them.
  • If you're in a multi-computer environment, only upgrade one computer first, verify over time it is stable, before upgrading the rest.

And here are Apple's upgrade guides for you, also.
Apple's Final Cut Pro X Upgrade Guide
Apple's Logic Pro X Upgrade Guide

3rd Party Updates:

+ Arturia; Officially supports El Capitan. Quote from the email sent to users; "Dear musician, Our virtual instruments are now compatible with Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.11, El Capitan. The patches are included in the recent updates of our software and Mac OS X. We invite you to update your Arturia software using the Arturia Software Center. If you were waiting for it, you can now update your Mac computer with no risk of disturbance. Thank you for your patience."

+ Pixelmator; New version 3.4, "Twist" is now OS X 10.11. See the announcement here.

Coremelt; Has posted updates to bring their products in line with OS X 10.11.

+ Intelligent Assistant; Up to date and ready for OS X 10.11, officially. Click here to read their announcement.

+ Color Grading Central; "We tested today with Color Finale and we are compliant with 10.11!" If you do have issues, quit FCPX, launch the stand alone Color Finale app, and you're good to go.

+ MotionVFX; "All our plugins are compatible with El Capitan."
mVintage 1.3.5 update fixing random crashes on El Capitan is available now. Grab it from your Order History."

+ Digital Rebellion; Has posted an official announcement that their products are OS X 10.11 compatible.

Apogee; Has posted updates for all necessary hardware/firmware and applications.

+ Red Giant; Has an announcement posted stating the latest versions of their stuff are all good to go.

+ FxFactory; Has posted an update for version 5.0.6, which is El Capitan compliant.

+ Telestream; Has posted an update for version 5.0.3 of ScreenFlow, which is El Capitan compliant.

+ Native Instruments; click here for the fix, which you should read before doing anything! This requires OS X 10.11.1, and you must follow their instructions.

+ Sony; Has officially updated the UDF drivers for their SxS camera cards to be El Capitan compliant.

+ iZotope; Officially states they now have updates to be compatible with OS X 10.11.1.