macOS Sierra Update - Pro App Cautions

The latest update to the Mac operating system has dropped the “OS X” branding and is now “macOS”. This brings it in line with “iOS” and watchOS”. This blog post will cover known issues for Apple pro app users, and tips for when you are ready to upgrade.
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macOS Sierra Update - Pro App Cautions
OS 10.12.0 is wonderful, but as usual, don’t dive in with pro apps

  • Please backup everything first!
  • Never backup mid-production!
  • Read and follow Apple's upgrade guidelines!
  • Be sure all your third party plug-ins and apps are compatible first!

1 - Introduction
I personally do NOT recommend upgrading to macOS Sierra at this time.

The latest update to the Mac operating system has dropped the “OS X” branding and is now “macOS”. This brings it in line with “iOS” and watchOS”. And as with ALL OS updates on a computer, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, anything, never be the first to dive in if you are doing professional work, or have serious data that is vital. Wait for all applications to have been verified compatible. Verify all app plus-ins are compatible. Get the official word from the developers.

I’d recommend waiting for three things before upgrading:
First, macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update.
Second, the next update of the Apple pro apps (FCPX, Motion, Compressor, LPX).
And third, wait until all the plug-ins and second party apps you run have been verified totally compatible with macOS Sierra.

2 - Know FCPX 10.2 Issues
Here is what I have verified with other users are happening.

  • I personally know of a few people who’s copy of FCPX will not launch in macOS Sierra, and I find it very odd. I have read of a couple other people having frequent crashes. But nothing this severe outside of those few specific folks.
  • Some audio and video interface units need updating, check with the hardware developer for these (Native Instruments Rektor isn’t working correctly).
  • The majority of users are not finding anything outside of cosmetic and plugin issues.
  • The previous bug that was fixed, line through the timecode display, and timecode labels not lined up, some folks seeing it again.
  • Coremelt has successfully tested all of their plug-ins in Sierra, but recommends waiting a couple of weeks before upgrading.
  • Denver Riddle has verified Color Finale needs to be launched in its stand alone application first, quit, then it will work fine.
  • Koji Color requires a complete reinstall from scratch.
  • FxFactory should be updated to the latest version, 6.0 or later.
  • Plugin Alliance has verified that their AU plugins will require updates, no currently compatible.
  • Digital Anarchy’s Beauty Box is not compatible.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner requires and update to version 4.1.10.
  • Disk Warrior requires version 5.

I will list other issues as they are discovered and reported around the web. If you have issues, or know of a fix to an issue, please
contact me and let me know.

3 - Upgrade Process
If you do want to go ahead and upgrade, here’s what you need to do. First follow this process, commonly agreed upon by professionals.
- Total backup of your system drive with Carbon Copy Cloner or TimeMachine (I trust CCC more, personal preference).
- Total backup of all data on external or secondary drives.
- Mixed here, but many folks do fresh installs. Meaning you wipe your system drive clean, install macOS Sierra, then reinstall all your other software from scratch (via the App Store, third party installers, data on your backups). I have always just done straight out upgrades via the Update section of the App Store without issues. But your mileage may vary, do what you feel most comfortable doing.
- In case of any serious issues, you can wipe your Sierra updated system drive clean and roll back by restoring from your full backup done in step 1. Not doing full backups first is seriously asking for trouble.

4 - FinalCutProX.Guru Advice
Do NOT upgrade now, wait until everything else catches up.
NEVER upgrade mid-project, EVER.
When you are ready to upgrade, read these first: