vfxMarket From Coremelt

Coremelt has just launched a new online site called “vfxMarket” for post production folks to shop for new, exciting, useful templates and plugins. An every growing selection, ease of use, this is one site every FCPX / Motion user must bookmark now!
A New Shopping Experience From Coremelt

Coremelt has not only given us some amazing plugins that not only extend the functionality of Final Cut Pro X and Motion a great deal at a good price, but also delivers some very fine coloring, styling and utility plugins as well. And it gets better.

Coremelt has just launched a new online site called “
vfxMarket” for post production folks to shop for FCPX and Motion templates and plugins more easily. With great features such as setting your currency (top right) before you start shopping, you never have to guess at what you’re paying, or what your getting.

And yes, I’m actually using several of these templates in a broadcast TV station professionally. They’re really nice!

Clean, Easy Layout
The first thing that makes this site better is how clean it is. Easy on the eyes, easy to find what you need, no garbage, no clutter, no visual overload. I’ve been to other sites that are just a jumble, no logical organization outside of what platform you use, just mind-numbing chaos. This site is a pleasure to visit and browse through. A true breath of fresh air and clean space, in the middle of a third party add-on jungle.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.32.08 PM

What Parameters Are Published?
Each template has a screen shot of its published parameters, so you know exactly what you’ll be able to change or not. This is super useful when selecting a template. I hate the nervous feeling of purchasing a template or plugin and not knowing how flexible it may or may not be. This puts my mind to rest and makes for a much more informed and relaxing shopping experience.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.34.27 PM

Menus That Make Sense
The next thing you’ll notice is the clean menu system. Very well organized and very easy. Whatever you need, there it is: products, support, company information, and more.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.32.34 PM

Hassle Free Checkout
The shopping cart is typical, but clean. The product(s) you’ve loaded up, quantity, price, etc. Then on to the actual checkout and payment pages. They accept credit cards and PayPal. And you can go back at any time to your information, or cart with the bread crump menu at the top left. So changing your mind at the last minute to add more stuff, or get more copies is easy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.33.27 PM

Open To Developers
Do you create your own templates and/or plugins? Contact Coremelt and you may be able to join the vfxMarket. Get paid for your hard work, share it with others who could save time and energy using your creations, and everybody wins. I’m very much looking forward to the expanding offerings as time goes on.

Pre & Post-Sale Support
I’ve been doing business with Coremelt for many, many years now. I don’t endorse a product or company unless I actually believe in them and enjoy using their products productively. This is one of the best. Product support is great. Email them questions before or after your sale, you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention the price for what you get is a real bargain. This is one company I honestly believe in and trust.

I think that about wraps it up. You have a great line of products, for really good prices, a great company behind them, and an easy, well thought out web site to shop for them on. Coremelt has taken a long time to be sure every aspect of the new vfxMarket.com site is clean, easy, accessible, stable. Kudos to Roger and his crew for giving us an easy, understandable place to shop quality produts. Wado unalii!