February 2019

"Family" - Media Management

One of the most often asked questions I get as a trainer is HOW do you structure media management with Final Cut Pro X. I understand how this can get confusing, because it is an open ended structure. The benefit being you can customize it to your personal tastes or the unique needs of the production you’re working on. The down side is, you have to figure out on your own what that structure is, which can be very daunting when your production is dumping tons and tons of various types of media from various sources on you (doc editors, you get it, right?). Libraries, events, metadata, keywords, collections, they’re all fine, but just how the heck do you structure it? Maybe this somewhat odd metaphor may help. Maybe not. But I’ll offer it in the off chance someone may benefit.

How do you keep your family straight in your mind? You have your parents, your siblings, your parent’s parents, your parent’s siblings, parent’s sibling’s children, cousins, etc.

Media in a production is all related in a very similar fashion. Some are video shots of your scene, some are cut away video shots, some may be reference photos as cut aways or montages, some are audio such as background music, voice overs, etc. But it’s all part of your big production family of media.

So I’ll use the metaphor of family to try to give you some guidance on how to use Libraries, Events, Folders, Keyword Collections and Smart Collections to logically organize the media of the production you’re working on.